In 2010, Jennifer decided to pursue another avenue in the equine industry; becoming a licensed judge for the New England Horsemen’s Council. In 2010 she officially she gained her cards in the NEHC English and Western Divisions and began judging locally in New England. Having discovered a new passion for being in the center of the ring, Jennifer decided to go through the process of being a United Sates Equestrian Federation licensed judge.

Jennifer is judging an average of 15-20 shows each season, from local one day shows, to larger breed and USEF shows. She has developed a reputation in being fair to the exhibitors and extremely time efficient so that shows run in a smooth, timely manner. Jennifer is comfortable and confident in judging multiple breeds and disciplines, making her well rounded and unique.

Currently Jennifer holds the following judging licenses:

USEF Lincenses

  • Morgan “R”
  • Friesian “R”
  • Andalusian/Lusitano “r”
  • Saddleseat Equitation “r”
  • Saddlebred “r”
  • Hackney “r”
  • Roadster “r”

Other Breed Licenses

  • Pony Of America Club (POAC)
  • Gypsy Horse Registry Of America (GHRA)
  • Walking Horse Owners Association (WHOA)
  • World Class Miniature Horse Show Association (WCMHSA)
  • Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America “Provisional Level” (WPCSA)

Miscellaneous Licenses

  • Open Horse Show Association (OSHA)
  • National Open Horse Show Association (NOHA)
  • New England 4-H Card “Level A” (Regional/National)
  • New England Horsemen’s Council (NEHC): English
  • New England Horsemen’s Council (NEHC): Western

Open Horse Show Association

JAS Perseverance Award

perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

The JAS Perseverance Award was created by Jennifer A. Sullivan to honor the exhibitors at horse shows that are dedicated, committed, tenacious, and kind. Those chosen for this award must show respect and kindness to their horse, their parents, instructor(s), trainer, judge(s), fellow barn members, as well as their competitors. Good sportsmanship is a must.

The person chosen for this award might not have the best horse at the show, the “top trainer” or even win a single ribbon at the show. This award is designed to give recognition to those out there that never give up, enjoy and love their horse, have fun showing, and show true sportsmanship both in and out of the show ring.

Jennifer grew up competing at local, breed and Regional level shows. One of the major lessons imparted to her in the horse industry was to be respectful, and show good sportsmanship to your friends and your competitors—no matter what the outcome. Even though everyone wants to win and do well, it’s important to remember that there is more to showing a horse than getting a blue ribbon, making a victory pass, holding a trophy, or wearing a set of roses.

The JAS Perseverance Award will be given to at least one person at each show Jennifer officiates as a judge. Jennifer feels that it is crucial to encourage competitors as to keep them showing and stay involved in the Equine Industry for years to come.